”  Simon provided insightful and objective questions that allowed me to examine my ideas, and define actual quantifiable goals. I strongly recommend Simon to anyone who wants to focus on their career goals.   “

Aileen, Construction to Bid Management, Dublin

Are you struggling to decide where next to take your career?

Life is too short to feel unfulfilled in our work. Whether you are considering a complete career change, or simply looking for advice on your existing development plans I can help you get unstuck, get clarity and get moving. The first step is to commit to action. If you ready to commit time, energy and yes, money, to find more fulfilling work, check out my 1-2-1 coaching programmes below or contact me to book a free 15 minute consultation.

The Key Ingredients for Sucessful Career Change

Deciding whether to make a career change, let alone identify a new career, can often feel a daunting, lonely process. But sitting at your computer with a cold towel round your head waiting for the answer is not going to work. To make positive change in our professional lives, we need to take action in several areas. The degree of action in each area below will depend on who you are:

Understanding Ourselves

How well do you really understand yourself - your values, needs, strengths? What does a fulfilling career really mean to you?

Ourstanding our World

How well do you understand the trends changing the world of work? What do they mean for your career ideas? What do they mean for your existing job?

Mental Resilience

Career change is messy - fear, uncertainty and set-backs are a normal part of the process. How resilient are you to these feelings?

Commitment to Change

How important is your career to you? How committed are you to finding more fulfilling work? Are you committed to change?

1-2-1 Career Coaching Programmes

I offer a range of action-orientated career coaching programmes to suit a range of needs and budgets:

Career Reorientation Programme

  1. 60 minute “kick-off” session to define your goals and identify initial actions
  2. Time-limited access to Equipped 4 Change’s online resources – these include a range of videos, tools and exercises that have been specifically designed to help you maintain focus and momentum
  3. Fortnightly coaching calls with Simon to review your goals, explore and resolve challenges, and maintain commitment

Career Reorientation Programme +

  1. Same as above plus;
  2. Lifetime access to Equipped 4 Change’s online resources
  3. Membership of Equipped 4 Change’s community support network and career changer’s forum
  4. Five strengths and values based psychometric assessments to provide you with more insights about what makes you tick

Career Review Power Sessions

  • 1-2-1 intensive coaching and advice sessions where you set the agenda

”   Simon is great at getting you to step back, see the bigger picture and make informed decisions about where to go next.   “

Paul, Acting to Psychotherapy, London

Not quite ready to take action?

Here are some other ways you can help move yourself closer to action:

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