In-House Employee Career Coaching Services

Committed to looking after your employees? Want to reduce attrition and improve team performance? My in-house employee coaching service might be just what you are looking for.

More details coming soon.  July 2018.

Talent Advisory Services

Some of my previous clients

Thanks to increased longevity and rapid technological change, our workforce now comprises of 5 generations, each with their own distinct views on what they want from their career. It is no longer enough for employers to offer competitive salaries, pensions and flexible holidays. The younger generations are demanding a different kind of relationship with their employers. One that supports them with their own career development and choices, and provides varied and stimulating opportunities to develop professionally and deliver impact.

I help businesses better understand the changing expectations of their workforce, and why their existing Talent Development Strategies are falling short. I work collaboratively with HR and Talent leaders to identify what the organisation should do to attract and retain its current and future talent, and how it should go about closing the gap.

Talent Advisory Case Study: A new set of career pathways for a fast growing IT firm

Problem: My client’s organisation had recently acquired a new software firm with a very different set of employee career pathways.  Both the parent and acquired organisations were seeing heightened attrition and talent loss.  Employee leaver feedback was repeatedly identifying a lack of clear career development paths as one of the key reasons for moving on.

How I helped:  I worked with stakeholders from across the two organisations to understand employee needs and expectations and design a single, workforce architecture that provided a range of career development pathways and progression routes.

Outcome:  Rates of attrition reduced following the implementation of new workforce architecture and career pathways.  Employee satisfaction scores increased.  Improved team morale and lower level of work absences.